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pmcray's Journal

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Paul M. Cray
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I am currently a machine learning specialist at APImetrics, the leading provider of intelligent API monitoring solutions. Prior to this I worked for the consulting organisation of the Europe's leading science university, and was involved in product management for a water resources management software company and telecoms strategy consulting after doing an MBA at Imperial College London. Used to work for Siemens Mobile Networks as technical sales engineer and Ericsson as a Unix systems/mobile datacoms engineer. Originally a physicist, I did a PhD at Salford in neutron scattering and worked as a physicist on the acoustic properties of bubbly fluids for the Ministry of Defence, before becoming a software engineer for a sonar company. Aspiring novelist.

Check out the Atomic Razor blog at http://atomicrazor.blogs.com. I also tweet @pmcray.
alcohol, alternate history, apocalypse, arthur c. clarke, artificial intelligence, atheism, atomic razor, b.s. johnson, baked beans, beethoven's ninth symphony, bitterness, blogging, books, bookshops, brentford, brighton, catastrophes, catholicism, central london, champagne, christopher priest, cider, city lit, contemporary fiction, corned beef, coupling, creative writing, cultural criticism, curry, cyberculture, cybernetics, cynicism, dave langford, david foster wallace, david lodge, depression, dieselpunk, doctor who, donald e. knuth, douglas r. hofstadter, drinking, eating, economic history, enneagram, ennui, eschatology, estrangement, evelyn waugh, fermi paradox, frustration, full english breakfast, futurology, gastropubs, gin & tonic, historiographic metafiction, hypermodernism, hypertension, hysterical realism, ibuprofen, ideas, imperial college, intellectuals, james joyce, jared diamond, jonathan coe, jorge luis borges, julian barnes, kew bridge, kew gardens, kingsley amis, knowledge transfer, kurt vonnegut jr., lancashire, lawrence miles, living and loving, london, london review of books, loneliness, losartan, mad men, maximalism, metafiction, michael frayn, molecular nanotechnology, museums, neal stephenson, ny review of books, olaf stapledon, paul simon, personal development, philip k. dick, physics, postmodernism, preston, pretentiousness, psychotherapy, pubs, rationalism, reading, recherche postmodernism, red wine, relationships, restaurants, romance, saskatchewan, science fiction, secondhand bookshops, seti, sex and the city, shakespeare, skepticism, skyros, space travel, stafford beer, steampunk, steven moffat, strangeness, submarines, swagelok, talking, technobabble, tex, the angry young men, the london underground, the modern metropolis, the proclaimers, the technological singularity, thinking, thomas pynchon, time travel, transhumanism, umberto eco, vernor vinge, weirdness, west london, whisky, writing classes

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