Paul M. Cray (pmcray) wrote,
Paul M. Cray

Grandfather of Assassins

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of Grandfather of Assassins. I recall from my AD&D days that the title of fifteenth level assassin was Grandfather and discovering from the Encyclopaedia Britannica that the Grandfather of Assassins was another title for the Old Man of the Mountain, the ruler of the fortress of Alamut and the head of the cult of assassins based there. Now we know that the Doctor is a grandfather (or, after the Time War, was), but we know every little about the Doctor's family. We don't know how many children he had (or indeed exactly what being a father or grandfather might mean to a Time Lord - looms and Jenny and all that), much less how many grandchildren. How much do we really know about the House of Lungbarrow and the Pyrdonian Chapter and the lengthy training of the Doctor and other Time Lords at the Academy? He know that the Time Lords in general and the Doctor himself don't seem that ninja-like. But, for the usual reasons of plausible deniability, the CIA or other Time Lord bodies might choose to have the training of assassins outsourced. The Assassins of Alamut would be the perfect organisation to outsource it to.

It would thus be perfectly natural for Susan to want to visit her siblings or cousins at Alamut. She might well be unaware of the exact nature of what it is that they are being trained to be and might well feel moral qualms when offered a chance to join them. It is entirely plausible that the First Doctor would know exactly what was going on Alamut and that it was not necessarily a librarian internship. A problem is that the First Doctor doesn't control the TARDIS's destination and Alamut might be a bit too much like the settings for "Marco Polo" and ""The Crusade" to be different enough for Barbara and Ian. Of course, we could make this a pre-"An Unearthly Child" story and perhaps even explain what the First Doctor was doing on Earth in the first place. When did the Doctor make his first televised controlled journey in the TARDIS? Perhaps the Doctor is sent there by the Time Lords. Zoe was a librarian, so one could imagine Two, Jamie and her ending up at Alamut and Two not wanting to reveal to his companions that he suspects that they might be on a CIA mission (foreshadowing of Season 6B?). Alamut seems like somewhere that Leela would have plenty to do and the novel could also be a homage to "The Robots of Death". Romana I would be good. There could be a Key to Time wild goose chase, setting up a clue for a televised story, and the Guardians of Time could make an appearance. Seven and Ace might be a good pairing as it would be quite different to any of their televised adventures. Going against the grain, Five, Adric, Nyssa and Tegan. Now that would be a real writer's challenge to do something interesting with that crew. I am sure Alamut would offer plenty of possibilities to breath a bit of life into those three. I almost thinking on the basis of casting against type that that is going to be our stimulating choice. Where might a suitable gap be to fit this story in?.                
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