Paul M. Cray (pmcray) wrote,
Paul M. Cray

Confused? It is

Practically every second advert on UK TV seems to be for an insurance price-comparison website - or an insurance company telling us that we won't find them on insurance price-comparison websites. This is notable contrast to the US. They did have some annoying adverts for particular firms, but nothing like the saturation level bombardment we have here. Do they even have insurance price-comparison websites in the US? There are 50 different insurance markets (plus DC, Puerto Rico...), but some of those markets are quite large (California, say). Can you market across state lines or is there some obscure inter-state commerce regulation that prohibits this? Would it even be possible to have a state-based site or to do various regulatory issues or a lack of effective competition prevent such things?

Anyway, getting back to the UK. launched a new campaign a new months ago. Of course, if you know it's for, you'll be fairly safe ground. The banner being towed by the animated plane at the end of the spot seems to be promoting This is just a place-holder site. Quite why haven't acquired it is a mystery; presumably the owner is demanding too much money. Although why are encouraging us, presumably to love, when it is a ruddy insurance price-comparison website and has nothing to do with small furry animals with East European accents I am not sure. I keep expecting the advert to drop the "love" bit, but it hasn't after several months (interestingly, a new spot in the same animated style makes no reference to "love"). But it is one of the great enigmas: why did no-one at the agency, client or focus groups spot the potential for the consumer to be "confused"?    
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