Paul M. Cray (pmcray) wrote,
Paul M. Cray

Vanity of Vanities

On the strength of the blurbs, it is hardly to wondered at that Sir Stuart had to set up his own press to see his books in print. I suppose even MPs should be allowed their recreations, and, of course, self-publishing will prove an increasingly popular and valuable channel in the future.

Also, in terms of cover design, Sir Stuart could have learnt something from Berthold Wolpe.
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But is it Binkeys Revolution or Binkie's Revolution? And Lara's Theme looks especially ... special.
The Lara's Theme one looked to me rather reminiscent of some of Keith Roberts's works. Lara sounds a bit like Kaeti to me.
As I've already written today, "Look not upon the blondes when they are platinum."
Or perhaps particularly dodgy wish fulfillment porn.
Ah, you haven't read much Keith Roberts then :-)
I got one of Roberts's early books - Anita (?), clearly he was a dirty young man before he became a dirty old man.
At least Keith Roberts can get a publisher. Print on demand will mean that even fanfic make it to paper at least until ebooks take over (if they do).
I'm bemused by Lara's dress. How does that bit at the back stay up? Skyhooks?
I suspect the dress is photoshopped onto a nude - but then I always suspect photoshop.
I think so too, just curious why anyone would 'design' it with that strange flap.